Class Schedule

***Due to Covid-19, these may change on a weekly basis. Please refer to our live schedule on Bookamat***

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Membership & Pricing

1 Class

Drop-In Class

₩ 15,000

₩ 19,000

Promotional Prices Valid Until Jan 1. 2021

1 Month Pass

(No Extension)

1x Week



2x Week



3x Week






Promotional Prices Valid Until Jan 1. 2021

3 Month Pass

(15 Days Hold)

1x Week


2x Week


Bring a Friend 1x

3x Week


Bring a Friend 1x



Bring a Friend 1x

Zumba ONLY included on unlimited passes

6 Month Pass

(30 Days Hold)

3x Week


Bring a Friend 2x



Bring a Friend 3x

Zumba ONLY included on unlimited passes

Zumba ONLY included on unlimited passes

Zumba Classes

Private In-Studio Class

Private Group Class

(30 Day Pass)

1x Week

₩ 54,000

2x Week

₩ 92,000

1 Class / 60 Min

₩ 70,000

1 Class / 60 Mins

₩ 125,000

10 + Participants Required

10 Classes

₩ 600,000


We use Bookamat for fast and easy online bookings.

By booking, you confirm that you have:

1. Read and accepted our waiver.

2. Read accepted our purchase and pass policies. 

3. Read and accepted our booking conditions. 


Payment Options

  • Please note that your pass will NOT be activated until we receive your payment. ONLY when the payment is confirmed, you will be able to book multiple classes via the activated pass.

  • There are 3 payment options:

    1. Bank transfer (Korean bank accounts). Please use your name (not ‘yoga’, etc.) as a reference when selecting ‘Pay ETF’ during the online transfer.

    2. PayPal (Overseas cards). Please use USD only and don’t forget to add 3% for PayPal's currency conversion.

    3. Cash/In-Studio Credit Card (card payments have a transaction fee). Please note that this option is not available for Sunday classes.


Purchase & Pass Conditions


  • All passes are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-shareable.

  • Pass holds/extensions vary. Please refer to each separate pass option for more details before the purchase (e.g. a medical injury confirmed by the doctor’s note is subject to an extension).

  • Dance classes are currently NOT included in our passes. That said, an unlimited number of attendees can use their yoga passes for Zumba classes.

  • Workshops, pop-up classes, and community events are NOT included in our passes. Members’ discounts are offered instead. 

  • The "bring a friend" option is NOT applicable to weekend classes/workshops.

  • The credits in your pass can be conveniently distributed among the days the pass is active for (e.g. a 1-month pass with x3 classes/week can be broken down into 12 credits available for 30 days).