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Beginner Friendly

Vinyasa 1

A steady, balanced flow which focuses on synchronising breath and movement. Ideal for anyone looking to build strength, flexibility and focus. Suitable for all levels.

Deep Flow

A slower paced yoga flow, connecting deep breath and a variety of movements, with challenges, modifications and adjustments. Suitable for all levels.


A slow-paced flow of asanas that helps you relax your muscles through body alignment. Suitable for first-timers and those healing from an injury.


A dynamic flow of asanas that combines active body movements, chanting mantras, meditations, and breathwork, in order to increase awareness and achieve spiritual awakening.


A slow, gentle and calming candle-lit class. Poses are held for longer periods of time to allow you to fully connect with your body and mind. Suitable for all levels.


A dance fitness workout class that incorporates music and dance from numerous styles including bachata, salsa, merengue, belly dancing, reggaeton, hip hop, cumbia, african, and more.

Motherhood Yoga Program

A program designed for moms and moms-to-be that consists of prenatal yoga, birthing classes, and moms & babies flows. It’s taught by Tatiana, our Kundalini teacher.


Vinyasa 2

A powerful, dynamic Vinyasa flow with a faster pace and more challenging postures. Expect to work up a sweat! Suitable for intermediate-level yogis who are familiar with sun salutations.


A flexibility-building flow of asanas that tones your body and mind (primary series with modifications). Suitable for intermediate-level yogis who are familiar with sun salutations.  

H.I.I.T & Core

H.I.I.T.: A yoga-inspired high-intensity workout session focussed on building core stability, fitness and strength. Expect a workout!

CORE: A strength-building yoga flow focussed on heavily on core work. Basic yoga/fitness class experience is recommended.


A strong, Vinyasa flow based on the traditional Ashtanga practice which incorporates asanas from the first, second and third series, but allows for variations and modifications. Not suitable for beginners.

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We offer workplace/corporate yoga, brand promotion, event yoga, team building sessions, festival yoga, retreats, workshops, and much much more. 

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