Studio & Class Policies

We aim to make your yoga practice as immersive and rewarding as possible. Please cooperate with us by respecting one another and the following guidelines:

  • All smartphones must be put on ‘silent’ during the class. The vibration mode must be turned off.

  • Potentially disturbing things like smartphones, drinking cans, and bags should be stored in the respective storage spaces.

  • No filming of classes is allowed unless agreed with the teacher, studio management, and class members beforehand. 

  • No observing/watching students during active classes is allowed.

  • Silence must be kept during meditation and Shavasana:

    • No entry between the start (meditation) and the end of classes (Shavasana) is allowed. The door will be locked throughout the class.

    • If waiting for the next class inside the studio, please maintain silence. Shavasana is considered to be the most important part of yoga practice. 

    • If waiting outside the studio, please retreat to whisper talking. Due to the hallway being echoey, the outside noise can be disturbing.

  • Please wipe the studio mat, blocks, and straps clean after every use.

  • It’s recommended to bring a towel of your own if using studio mats.

  • We prefer members to bring a towel if using the studio mats.


NOTE: We continually aim to provide the best service and experience for our members. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we could improve in any areas, please let us know.


Purchase & Pass Conditions


  • All passes are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-shareable.

  • Pass holds/extensions vary. Please refer to each separate pass option for more details before the purchase (e.g. a medical injury confirmed by the doctor’s note is subject to an extension).

  • Dance classes are currently NOT included in our passes. That said, an unlimited number of attendees can use their yoga passes for Zumba classes.

  • Workshops, pop-up classes, and community events are NOT included in our passes. Members’ discounts are offered instead. 

  • The "bring a friend" option is NOT applicable to weekend classes/workshops.

  • The credits in your pass can be conveniently distributed among the days the pass is active for (e.g. a 1-month pass with x3 classes/week can be broken down into 12 credits available for 30 days).


Booking & Cancellation Policies

  • Bookings are required for each class to a) secure a space, and b) allow us to contact you in case of emergency class cancellations/time changes/etc. Please note that even though walk-ins are welcomed, a free space is not guaranteed.

  • Pre-payment allows for swift changes in your bookings and is, therefore, preferred. You can also purchase a pass onsite - in the studio - with the exception of:

    • 1. Fully booked classes. If a class becomes fully booked, we may contact you to confirm and complete your booking.

    • 2. Events and workshops. Most of our events are by prepayment only. Please refer to the event details for specific conditions.

  • The booking can be made up until the beginning of the class. That said, we recommend making a booking in advance to secure your place.

  • Cancellations can be made up until 60 minutes prior to the beginning of the class. 

  • Please note that your credit will be considered ‘used’ if you miss a previously booked class. This is due to the delays in the staff’s preparation for the classes and the spot the other person missed as a result. A penalty in the form of a shortened unlimited pass may be applied for pass holders.



Do I have to book a class in advance?

Yes. All classes must be booked in advance. This is to secure your space, help teachers and faculty members know how many people they need to prepare, and allow them to contact you in case of problems or changes in class. Please refer to our booking page for more information.

Can I join a class without a booking?

If the class has space, you will normally receive work-in (the studio still requires registration), but for the reasons listed above, you will request a pre-booking.

Can I pay by cash or card at the studio?

Yes, you can also pay in the studi, but you must pay in advance for Sunday classes to make room. When the lecture is full, you can contact us to confirm your payment.
Please note that unless otherwise noted in the card transaction, a processing fee will be charged for the promotion

Can I join as a beginner? Which class do you recommend?

Of course! Begginers are welcomed to join :) For begginers, we recommend joining Alignment, Vinsaya 1 and Deep Flow.

I am really unflexible, can I still join?

100% you can join! Yoga is for everyone of all types of bodies. If Asana (yoga posture) is too diffcult we can help assist you.

Do you provide yoga mats?

Yes we do provide mats, blocks and straps (included in the class price). You are welcomed to bring your own as well. We do ask you to clean the mats after class with the mat cleaner for hygentic purposes. We also encourage you to bring a matte towel.

What should I wear to class?

Any regular sportswear is fine or anything that is comfortable and loose-fitting.

Can I keep my mat at the studio?

Yes, mats can be kept at the studio for membership/pass holders.

Do you have air conditioning, heating, ventilation, dehumidification, and air purification functions

Yes! We know that comfort and air quality are important in yoga studios. As a result, you have the following benefits: Heating for winter, cooling and dehumidifiers for summer, air purifiers for poor air quality days, and powerful air ventilation systems for air circulation (we know no one wants a sweaty room when they arrive for yoga).

Do you have showers and changing rooms?

There is no shower facility, but there is also a space for storing clothes and belongings in class and a booth for changing.

Can I share the pass with a friend?

The pass cannot be shared. However, some passes are discounted when friends join together. The selected pass also includes the option "Get Friends" (not applicable for Sundays and workshops). Please refer to our pass conditions for details.

Can I hold or extend a pass?

Different pass holds/extensions are provided according to the pass conditions. Refer to the Membership & Booking page.

Can I take a class for free?

We don't have free classes because of the small space in the studio. However, if you want to take one course, one class costs 15,000 won and you are not obligated to purchase a membership.

Will my pass/class credit expire?

All passes and class credit have an expiration date. You can check the expiration date on Bookamat.

Can I park at the studio?

There is a paid parking lot at Yongsan-gu Office (just across from the studio) or an open-air parking lot just one building up from the studio. There is also a limited number of street car parks nearby, depending on the daytime.

Can I sign up after the class starts?

It is recommended that you arrive early to get the most benefit from the class. If you arrive after class starts, you will not be allowed to enter during meditation at the beginning of class. Once meditation is over, it is okay to attend the class, but please be quiet to reduce distractions.

Why can't I see my class on Bookamat?

1. The class is full (Keep an eye on a cancellation) 2. You already signed up for the class (Please check your booking to confirm.) 3. Class may have been cancelled or moved to a differnent time (Studio will contact you)