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The Flow Room is a boutique yoga and fitness studio located in Itaewon, the heart of Seoul's foreign community, providing a wide range of English-led yoga classes suitable for all levels. Our studio is carefully designed to provide the perfect calming, ambient and intimate environment to let you fully immerse yourself in your yoga practice. We offer a variety of interesting workshops and events, both within the studio and outside at inspiring locations around Seoul and beyond, and hold regular social gatherings and meetups.

If you're looking for English-led yoga classes, this is the place for you. If you've never tried yoga before and want to see what it's all about, this is also for you. But most of all, if you're looking for a place to meet new people, join a new social circle and forge new friendships, look no further. The Flow Room was born out of a need for a center for both expats and Koreans to come together to practice yoga, and to build a community together. We know how important it is to have a safe space and community to belong to in big cities like Seoul.

Our mission is to provide this for you.


Our Classes

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa 1

A Vinyasa flow which introduces and builds upon the foundations of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Slower than Vinyasa 2, but still a strong practice which builds strength in the body and mind. Suitable for beginners or anyone who feels like a balanced flow.

Vinyasa 2 

Power Yoga Flow.

A faster paced, powerful Vinyasa flow with more challenging postures. Expect to work up a sweat! Not suitable for beginners. It is recommended that practitioners should already be familiar and comfortable with sun salutations.


A fast paced, challenging and flow  (Primary Series, with modifications). Not a Mysore class, but a led class working towards the full Primary Series. Not suitable for beginners.  Recommended that practitioners should be comfortable with sun salutations.

H.I.I.T & Core

 H.I.I.T.: A yoga-inspired H.I.I.T. workout session focussed on building core stability and strength. Expect a hard workout.

CORE: More strength focussed than H.I.I.T., with a lower intensity.

Both classes are strenuous and tough for first timers, but suitable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and strength.


A strong, Vinyasa flow based on the traditional Ashtanga practice which incorporates asanas from the first, second and third series, but allows for variations and modifications. Not suitable for beginners. Recommended that practitioners should already be comfortable with sun salutations.

Deep Flow

A Hatha-inspired flow focused on connecting breath and movement with challenges, adjustments and modifications. A slower paced sequence which will give you a burn and build flexibility and strength, and create a more struggle free mindset that is also prepared for getting out of the comfort zone. Suitable for all levels.


A slow paced class focussed on developing the correct alignment to build your practice safely and mindfully. Ideal for first-timers, injury recovery, or anyone who wants to slow down and connect.


An ancient and potent type of yoga which consists of active and passive postures, breathing techniques, silent, and mantra meditations, which act on the whole body system to develop awareness, consciousness and spiritual strength.  


A slow, gentle, calming and restorative class, which uses passive stretching to help you go deeper. Poses are held for longer periods of time to allow you to connect with your body and mind. Classes are candle-lit. Suitable for all levels. 


A dance fitness class that incorporates numerous styles of music and dance in a workout class. In one hour, you will experience movements from various styles of dance including bachata, salsa, merengue, belly dancing, reggaeton, hip hop, cumbia, african, and more! 

Barre Flow

Barre Flow: Inspired by the mobility, musicality and choreography of ballerinas, Barre Flow focuses on ballet foundation and simple choreographies at the barre, before transitioning to centerwork. A combination of dance, cardio and strength based training, this is a class for all to enjoy!

Motherhood Yoga Program

The Flow Room has a motherhood yoga program which includes prenatal yoga, mums and babies yoga, and birthing classes. This program is run separately by our Kundalini teacher, Tatiana. For more information about joining this program, please




NOTE: To comply with current government regulations regarding COVID-19, please read our studio entry conditions below.

Temporary Studio Entry Conditions:

  1. Classes spaces have been reduced. Therefore, bookings are essential, as are cancellations if you are unable to make your booking. 

  2. Masks must be worn upon entry to the studio.

  3. Temperature will be taken upon entry to the studio. Anyone with a fever will not be able to join the class.

  4. Hand sanitiser (provided) must be used upon entry to the studio.

  5. Entry is not allowed for anyone who

    1. has arrived in Korea from overseas within 14 days prior to the class.​

    2. has been in contact with anyone suspected COVID-19 cases.

    3. show any symptoms of COVID-19 or has been advised to isolate.

  6. All participants must fill in a form on arrival, for every visit. 

  7. All participants must bring their own towel, water bottle and mat. (Studio mats may only be used if a full-sized mat towel is brought from home. These are also sold at the studio).  


Thank you for helping us stay safe and comply with government regulations during this challenging time. 

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Meet Our Founder

The Flow Room is the realised dream of Korean New Zealander, Isabel, aka. Isabel Kwak Yoga.

"I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness, but I fell in love with yoga for the perfect combination of physical, mental and spiritual practice. Yoga has helped me understand how my body works, and discover who I truly am. I became a yoga teacher to share the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga, and guide others through their own journey of self-discovery. I opened The Flow Room to provide a space for this to happen, and to build the wonderful yoga community I am so blessed to be part of. I look forward to seeing you on the mat" 

You can read a little more about Isabel's journey with yoga in this feature. 



For a little background on how and why our wonderful studio and community came to be, we invite you to read this beautiful blog written by our studio friend, Jennifer Kim, as we believe this sums it up perfectly.

Besides running the studio, teaching yoga and leading our community, Isabel is involved in a range of exciting projects and workplace yoga to workshops to mini-retreats to promotional events. For more information about these events, and to see more about collaborating with Isabel Kwak Yoga and/or The Flow Room for your next event, please click HERE.

You can also connect with Isabel and follow her on Instagram below :)


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Kakao: isabelkwakyoga

Facebook: theflowroomyoga / isabelkwakyoga

Instagram: theflowroomyoga / isabelkwakyoga

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B1, 44-17 Itaewon Dong. Buidling 47

B01, 44-17 이태원1동, 용산구

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