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Do I have to book a class in advance?

Yes. All classes should be booked and paid in advance to secure the space. This also helps teachers know how many people they need to prepare, and allow them to contact you in case of problems or changes in class. Please refer to our booking page for more information.

NOTE that if the class has space, we can accept walk-ins but the space cannot be guaranteed so we do not recommend this option.


Do I have to prepay? 

Prepayment is required to secure bookings. The payment options are shown when adding a class to your basket. If you are not able to pre-pay, please contact us and we will talk to you about options :)


Can I pay by cash or card at the studio?

It’s possible to pay at the studio but please note that bookings can not be held without prepayment unless by prior agreement. Onsite payments for future credit packs are available. Please note there is a card transaction processing fee.


Do you offer trial classes for new members?

We run an introduction pack for new members where you can try 4 classes within 2 weeks at a discounted rate. Please click here to apply. We also offer drop-in rates for 25,000won for single classes, there is no obligation to purchase a membership. 


Will my pass/class credit expire?

All passes and class credit have an expiration date. You can check the expiration date on Bookamat. Please check your schedule carefully when choosing your pass. 


Can I transfer unused credits to a new pass?

If you are not able to use all your credits before a pass expires, it is possible to roll them over to renewed pass, provided that the new pass is the same credit-pack type, or a longer version of the same pass. Please note that the renewal should immediately follow the previous pass. Please contact us about your specific pass for more information.


Can I share the pass with a friend?

Our passes cannot be shared or transferred. However, longer memberships come with “bring a friend” credits and there are discounts available when signing with a friend.


Can my pass be refunded? 

Our passes are non-refundable once activated. Please choose your pass-type carefully according to your schedule. 


Can I hold or extend a pass?

Different pass holds/extensions are provided according to the pass conditions. Please note that holds and extensions are not available on 30 day passes except for government mandated quarantine periods or medical reasons as instructed by a doctor. Please refer to the Membership & Booking page.


Why can't I see my class on Bookamat?

If you think can not see a class on Bookamat, there are three possible reasons:

  1. The class is sold out. Keep an eye out for cancellations.

  2. You already signed up for the class. Please check your booking to confirm.

  3. The class may have been cancelled or moved to a different time - we will contact you in this case.


Can I join as a beginner? Which class do you recommend?

Of course! Beginners are most welcome to join :) For beginners, we recommend joining Alignment, Vinyasa 1, Yin, Hatha and Hatha Flow.


I am really inflexible, can I still join?

100% you can join! Yoga is for everyone of all types of bodies. If a yoga pose is too difficult, we can help assist you with props and modifications.


Do you provide yoga mats?

Yes, we do provide mats, blocks and straps (included in the class price). You are welcome to bring your own as well. We do ask you to clean the mats after class with the sanitizer. We also encourage you to bring a mat towel.


Can I keep my mat at the studio?

Yes, mats can be kept at the studio for membership/pass holders.


What should I wear to class?

Any regular sportswear is fine or anything that is comfortable and loose-fitting.


Do you have air purification?

Yes! We know that comfort and air quality are important in yoga studios. We have heating for winter, air conditioner and dehumidifiers for summer, air purifiers for poor air quality days, and powerful air ventilation systems for air circulation.


Do you have showers and changing rooms?

There is no shower facility, but there is also a space for storing clothes and belongings in class and a booth for changing.


Can I park at the studio?

There is a paid parking lot at Yongsan-gu Office (just across from the studio) or an open-air parking lot just one building up from the studio. There is also a limited number of street car parks nearby, depending on the daytime.


Can I join a class after the class has started?

It is recommended that you arrive early to get the most benefit from the class. If you arrive after the class starts, the door will be locked during meditation at the beginning of class. Once meditation is over, it is usually okay to attend the class, but please be quiet to reduce distractions.

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